$10 Lunch

$10 TAKEOUT Lunch Meals

(10 perfect meals to choose from)

Chicken burger

Crispy Chicken Burger with hand breaded
chicken patty, lettuce, tomato and light mayo.

Bubba’s Sloppy Joe

¼ ground beef cooked with onions, green pepper, steak seasoning, and pinch brown sugar packed in a brioche bun

Wing Meal

Seasoned and lightly breaded 8 buffalo wings, mixture of wingette and drumette. Served with Blue cheese Or Ranch.

Beef Chili

¼ ground beef cooked with onions, green peppers, tomato sauce, red kidney beans with little heat and seasoning.

The Loaded Poutine

Poutine loaded with shredded chicken and bacon bits.

Butter Chicken Rice Bowl

Delicious In house butter chicken, served with Basmati Rice.

Hot Chilli Con & Rice

Spiced ground beef chilli cooked with onions, green pepper, tomatoes and herbs, served with basmati rice.

Seasoned Grilled Chicken

Chicken breast grilled with herbs and butter.

Mexican Burrito Wrap
Burrito filled with pinto beans, chicken, salsa, lettuce and cilantro lime dressing.
Buffalo chicken wrap

Burrito filled with grilled buffalo chicken, lettuce and tomatoes

$3 Dessert